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Hybrid MOU 2020-2021

"Anything in the MOU is temporary and serves to alter the collective bargaining agreement with the district for a specific time. If something isn’t addressed in the MOU, you should fall back on the language in the contract.

Also, this MOU is in place of the previously agreed upon MOU for work while the district was in a Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) model. If a building or the district has to move back

to distance learning we will work under that previous MOU."

MOU 2020-2021 during CDL

The terms of this MOU are valid through January 4th of 2021. It covers the time of Comprehensive Distance Learning.

Professional Development Reimbursement

GBEA would like to pay members who have been going above and beyond to provide professional development to their colleagues. This would most likely be in the form of a video or a recorded Google Meets call. There are a few stipulations, outlined in the attached flier. Please only fill out one application per person. You can include multiple videos/calls, and will be paid accordingly.

* Professional Development Reimbursement Application Google Form

2020 - 2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement

Click on the PDF icon to read the contract terms for next year as negotiated with the combine efforts of the GBEA and East County Bargaining Council and the Gresham-Barlow School District.

Election Results for the May 2020 Vote

Click on the PDF icon for a listing of the election winners for the voting that took place in May 2020.

Collaboration Design Grant

The GBEA is working collaboratively with the District on a Collaboration Design Grant from the ODE. For more information contact Regina Norris or Mark Kim.

Thanks! Message sent.

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NCLB is changed to ESSA

NCLB is changed to ESSA - the Every Student Succeeds Act - read summary

Follow updates about ESSA and get additional information and resources

New - ESSA removes Highly Qualified requirements for teachers


Download the Teacher Evaluation Handbook created by the District and the Association

Download the Specialist Evaluation Handbook created by the District and the Association

Download the New Teacher Evaluation Standards that have been put out by the State of Oregon

Overall a teachers will be evaluated on professional practice, professional responsibilities, and student performance. Student performance must be a "significant" part of teacher evaluation


Members should be sending Safety concerns to their Principal for review at the monthly safety committee meetings happening in your building.

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